200+ Interview Questions on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement CRM to sure shot crack Interviews | Softchief Learn (2022)

200+ Interview Questions on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement CRM to sure shot crack Interviews

Sanjaya Pradhan Dynamics 365 CRM January 16, 2020 | 0

200+ Interview Questions on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement CRM to sure shot crack Interviews | Softchief Learn (1)

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  1. What you know about Azure and explain a bit how it works.
  2. What is logic app in D365
  3. Explain Dynamics 365 CRM Data Migration Steps and Challenges
  4. How Integrations works and how to send data to external system and how to consume external data in Dynamics 365 CRM system.
  5. What is Dynamics 365 Portals
  6. How to hide button in D365 Portals
  7. Exaplain life-cycle of Sales, Marketing, Services, Field Service(FS), Project Service Automation(PSA)
  8. Explain how we implement DevOps for contineous Integration and Contineous Deployment
  9. What is Power Apps and type of power apps, explain each.
  10. What is differentiation between Model-driven app and canvas app.
  11. Explain Security Models available in Dyanmics 365 CRM.
  12. Role Based V/S Record Based V/S Field based V/S Hierarchy Secuty Model
  13. What’s New in current version of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE-previously known as CRM)
  14. How to write SSIS Packages for data migration in CRM.
  15. How you create reports in SSRS for Dynamics CRM
  16. Explain schema customization
  17. Explain process customizations
  18. How to edit buttons in Command bar in Dynamics 365 CRM
  19. Explain a bit on analytics part – Charts, Dashboards,reports
  20. What are templates for? Which templates we can create
  21. How to send email using email template
  22. How Word, Excel Templetes work using Developer option.
  23. Explain Entity Relationships and behavior
  24. What is auditing and how it is configured and managed.
  25. Brief me about Authentications – Windows,Claim based ADFC, Azure
  26. Which Tools are generally used for speedup or customization in Dynamics 365.
  27. Explain the OOPS Concept
  28. What is append, appendto privilege and explain with an example.
  29. How outlook integrations can be done with Dynamics 365.
  30. What is a Solutions, Explain types of solutions.
  31. What is a solution patch and how it works.
  32. Managed vs Un-managed Solution
  33. Explain about Access Team.
  34. Access Team V/s user Team
  35. Explain Access levels (Access Depth), previleges
  36. assign vs share permission.
  37. What is CorrelationToken in workflow
  38. What is scope of workflow
  39. How to auto trigger a workflow recurrently in a duration.
  40. What is Plugin secure/unsecure configuration data
  41. What are the Plugin registration storage options available
  42. Explain how plugin profiler works
  43. Describe plugin entity images and its functionality
  44. SQL based Vs Fetch XML based SSRS reports
  45. What are the services available in Dynamics 365
  46. What is the main difference between on-premise and online Dynamics 365 version?
  47. Explain on current version of Dynamics 365 CRM?
  48. What is Discovery service and purpose of it?
  49. What are the REST calls and WebAPI in Dynamics 365 CRM?
  50. What is early binding and late binding. How is it used in CRM?
  51. What is PrinciplalObjectAccess table why is it used?
  52. What is the use of stringmap table?
  53. What are the different types of Authentication methods supported in Dynamics 365 CRM
  54. What are different types of Modules we have in Dynamics 365 CRM?
  55. Can you explain the Marketing Life cycle in Dynamics 365 CRM?
  56. Can you brief on Sales module of Dynamics 365 CRM?
  57. How the service module works in Dynamics 365 CRM?
  58. Explain details about “Event Execution Pipeline” model
  59. What is field level security and how it is configured?
  60. What is form level security?
  61. If we implement form level security for the default main form for salesmanager only, then what a sales person can see for that entity.
  62. Can we control the field level security based on security role?
  63. Can we control the entities in site map with security roles?
  64. Will auditing slow down my system?
  65. Does audit data count against my Dynamics 365 CRMstorage quota?
  66. Can I audit just changes done by a couple users?
  67. Can I schedule auditing to be turned off during data import?
  68. What type of operations and data can be audited in CRM?
  69. What is the importance of field level security in Dynamics 365 CRM?
  70. What are the permission we can restrict on specific field with field level security?
  71. What are the high level steps to enable field level security?
  72. What will happen if a field is enabled for field level security?
  73. What a field level security profile contains in CRM?
  74. Can we add user/team to more than one field level security profile?
  75. Can we delete System Administrator field level security profile?
  76. Can we set field level security for OOB fields?
  77. Do Audit history maintained for enabling and disabling field level security by setting “IsSecured” on a field?
  78. What will happen if the user don’t have “Read” security on a field?
  79. How can we know what are all attributes can be secured in CRM with field level security?
  80. Do all attribute data types support to restrict all permissions with field level security?
  81. Which security roles allow you to see secured fields?
  82. What will happen if multiple profiles assigned to user/team?
  83. How do secured fields behave for create or update?
  84. How do secured fields behave for Retrieve and RetrieveMultiple?
  85. How do secured fields behave when records are shared?
  86. How do secured fields behave for filtered views?
  87. How do secured fields behave for offline synchronization?
  88. Can we modify the name of root business unit?
  89. Can we have 2 BU’s for a single user?
  90. Can we add different BU related users to a single Team?
  91. Where we need to change the prefix for custom components?
  92. How to see the Dynamics 365 CRM version information?
  93. Where can we set the Default module and Entity to get on opening Dynamics 365 CRM?
  94. Where to do the user related (personal) settings?
  95. Where to change the No. of records count limit that displaying in entity grid view?
  96. What is the maximum limit of records can be displayed in CRM grid view?
  97. Where can we change the number, currency and time formats?
  98. What are the different data types we have in CRM?
  99. Can we create a new field from form customization?
  100. What is the max chars limit for “Multiline textbox”?
  101. What is the lookup data type and where it will be placed?
  102. What is the char limit for custom components pre-fix?
  103. Where does CRM store Option Set values in SQL Server?
  104. What are requirement levels we have to create a new field for an entity?
  105. What are the default settings for Field level security and Auditing?
  106. How can you customize the CRM Ribbon?
  107. Where can we get Organization and Discovery service URLs in Dynamics 365 CRMinstance?
  108. How many types of relationships are available in crm?
  109. What are the “Relationship behaviors” in CRM and explain each of them?
  110. Where the Option set field options are stored in Dynamics 365 CRM?
  111. How can you add Custom buttons to Ribbon?
  112. How can you Hide system ribbon buttons?
  113. How can you override system ribbon button functionality?
  114. Is there any way to get Intelligence for Ribbon customizations in VS? If yes, how?
  115. What are filtered views?
  116. What is the importance of Application Ribbon component in Dynamics 365 CRM?
  117. What is the importance of Site map in Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365 CRM?
  118. What are the different types of forms we can create in Dynamics 365 CRM?
  119. What are the limitations of Quick create form w.r.t controls and design?
  120. What are the limitations of Quick view for w.r.t. controls and design?
  121. What are the different web resource supported by CRM?
  122. Can we enable/disable the plug-in steps from CRM solution?
  123. What are the different types of views we have in CRM?
  124. How can we create a custom activity in CRM?
  125. What are the different changes you observer between custom entity and custom activity?
  126. What will happen if we set “Searchable” as “No” for a field from customizations?
  127. What is the difference when the ownership is user vs organizaion for a custom entity?
  128. What are the types of Ribbons we have in CRM 2011?
  129. What will at backend on creation of new custom entity in CRM?
  130. What are the different type of N: N relationships we have in CRM?
  131. What are the options we can’t rollback if we enable them while creating custom entity?
  132. What are the options we can rollback if we enable them while creating custom entity?
  133. What are the settings we need to do to see the entity relations from Advanced find?
  134. What is the importance of “Manager Properties” on CRM components?
  135. When we should go with Global option sets?
  136. What is the importance of Manual N:N relationship? Can you explain with a simple scenario?
  137. When we can use multiple forms? Can you explain in detail?
  138. What are types of solutions in CRM 2011?
  139. Can we export Default solution as “Managed Solution”?
  140. What is Managed Solution?
  141. What is unmanaged solution?
  142. Can we update the components in Managed solution?
  143. What is the process to update Managed solution?
  144. How can we know the Owner of Managed solution?
  145. What are components we can add from solutions?
  146. What is meant by web resources and how many types of web resources we have?
  147. What are the minimum privileges required to create solution?
  148. Read write of Customizations
  149. Read write of solutions
  150. Read write of publishers
  151. Read write of web resources
  152. Import and Export customizations
  153. Publish customizations
  154. What is meant by Managed Properties?
  155. What is meant by publisher and why we are using it in CRM 2016?
  156. Discovery service Vs Organization service
  157. Managed Solution Vs Unmanaged Solution
  158. Plug-in Vs Workflow
  159. Workflow Vs Dialogue
  160. Sync Vs Async Plug-ins
  161. Global Option set Vs Normal Option set field in CRM
  162. Append Vs AppendTo
  163. Share Vs Assign
  164. Organization owned entities Vs User Owned entities
  165. Query Expression Vs Fetch XML query
  166. Query Expression Vs Query by Attribute
  167. Form level security Vs Field level security
  168. Pre-Image Vs Post Image in Plug-ins
  169. Plugin deployment: Difference between GAC, DataBase, Disk deployments.
  170. SQL based Vs Fetch XML based SSRS reports
  171. Async Plug-in Vs Custom Workflow
  172. Pre-Validation step Vs Pre-Operation step
  173. Secure configuration Vs Unsecure Configurations in Plugin
  174. What is the process to develop the Plug-in?
  175. What is the process to register the Plug-in in CRM?
  176. What are stages we have in CRM?
  177. What is the namespace for IPlugin Interface? (Xrm.Sdk)
  178. What is the method we need implement from IPlugin interface?
  179. Do we have all attributes on the form in “Target” attribute of Input parameters in CRM?
  180. Which type of plug-ins contains “Output Parameters”
  181. When can infinite loop occur in a plugin? How do you avoid infinite loops in plugin code?
  182. Different fields in context object
  183. When we can go for pre-validations and when we can go for pre-stage?
  184. At what events “Images” are not available
  185. What is the advantage of adding “Pre or Post” images to a plug-in
  186. How can you debug the Plug-in code?
  187. What is plug-in profiler and importance of it?
  188. What is the secured configurations and how can we access from plug-in code?
  189. What is the unsecured configurations and how can we access from plug-in code?
  190. What are the minimum privileges a user should have to register a plug-in in CRM?
  191. What are different methods of Plug-in storage?
  192. What is the process of creating sample UI workflow?
  193. How can we create Timeout conditions in workflow?
  194. Difference between Timeout and Wait conditions?
  195. What is the importance of scope option in workflow?
  196. What is CorrelationToken in workflows and importance of it?
  197. Generally, workflows are getting failed after 8 iterations. Is there any way to overcome this?
  198. Explain the difference between Append & Append To?
  199. Can you explain the difference between Share and Assign?
  200. What are the different access levels we have in CRM?
  201. What are the different types of privileges we have in CRM?
  202. What is the default role assigned to user if it created from OOB import tool?
  203. Which roles will get access by default on creation of custom entity?
  204. Can we export child business unit security roles?
  205. What are the minimum privileges required to track the outlook appointments into CRM?
  206. User wants add notes to an account record. Which privileges he should have on account and notes?
  207. Execute Vs ExecuteMultiple
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Are you looking for answers of the above 200+ Dynamics 365 questions? Please click the below button to follow the instructions to get the Answer document in your email.
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What are the 3 main areas in Dynamics CRM? ›

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has three comprehensive functional modules: Sales, Marketing, and Service (or Customer Care).

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 interview questions? ›

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Interview Questions and Answers
  • What are the essential skills that made you suitable for this project? ...
  • What are the various types of solutions in Dynamics CRM? ...
  • What do you mean by the Managed solution? ...
  • Can the Default solution be exported as a managed solution?

What does Dynamics 365 customer engagement include? ›

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management – CRM) is designed to help you manage your client relationships by streamlining your processes, centralizing client information, providing analysis, and enabling responsive customer service.

How long does it take to learn Dynamics CRM? ›

It depends on what areas you are interested to work on; for example, if you want to learn Dynamics 365 functional side, it usually takes about 4 to 5 weeks but if you wish to become Dynamics 365 technical consultant, it might take about 4 to 5 months.

How many types of fields are there in Dynamics 365? ›

Currently, Microsoft supports 14 data types in field are as follows. lets have a brief look on each that is available. 1. Single Line of Text: This field can contain up to 4,000 text characters and can set the maximum length to be less than this limit.

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