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The world has been blessed by the presence of man and woman both and this makes it a beautiful place to live. We have witnessed a lot of writers using adjectives for describing beauty of women all along in their books, articles, and blogs. But have you ever thought about men in the same way? Men do not get so much attention as women. So in a small survey conducted by the Universities reported a great fact.

It was found that when women were asked to describe men they were unable to find the right word. It showed the loss of words to describe a man. But this does not mean that our English language does not have enough words to describe them. But the thing is we do not make use of those words very often. It also displays the dependence of the mindset of an individual who is busy compiling a list of the words.

Generally, while we are trying to describe a man, people are searching for or seeking the words that sound very masculine. Most people also try to use very powerful words as well. This tendency of using only strong and bold words or adjectives is because of the alignment with the stereotype of the society about men. You would find that some of the words that are given by society as well by making a comparison, competition, and power.

Basically, the descriptive words about men have direct linkage with the internal as well as the external belief barrier and which leads towards the career, life and how they are connected.

You can use some cool adjectives like groomed, husky, classy, elegant etc. to describe men.

Words to Describe a Handsome Man

Following is a list of strong adjectives that we use to describe handsome man.


You can describe a hot guy using the adjectives like smoky, gallant, captivating, alluring, sensuous etc.

So we could see that most words that are used to describe men seem to give an implied meaning of something that may or may not be there.

Positive Adjectives for Strong Men

Let’s explore some more positive adjective words to describe the personality of good men, along with sentence examples.

  1. Adaptable – Sherry can change depending on the situation.
  2. Adventurous – Lucy likes doing new and different things.
  3. Affable – Do you know, Mohan is easy to talk to. You never feel awkward in front of him.
  4. Agreeable – Peter is a guy who is quite enjoyable to talk to. If you want, you can call him to discuss the project.
  5. Amiable – Gunther is working in the Cafe and he is very friendly and nice.
  6. Amusing – Alexa is funny and fun
  7. Athletic – Yesterday, at the gym we were trained by some of the really strong men who had an athletic figure. It was so inspiring to workout with them.
  8. Bright – Bharat seems to be a very bright student. He scores well in the exam even after working for part-time jobs.
  9. Charming – Danish has a magic touch which makes him very charming and amusing at the same time.
  10. Chatty – Alexa loves talking and talks a lot.
  11. Considerate – The person is really generous to others hence we can think that he is considerate. It is really nice to talk to someone like that.
  12. Convivial – Alexa is always in a good mood and is always friendly
  13. Dependable – If Alexa says she will do something, she will do it.
  14. Diligent – Maya must learn a lot of things from Mayank. He is a diligent person.
  15. Diplomatic – In this cunning world, a guy has to be diplomatic in order to be successful. A person who is good at handle the situations on both sides.
  16. Dynamic – In an IT industry you can come across a lot of new employees. But Satish is the most dynamic person I have ever met. He is full of energy and very creative.
  17. easy going – This is the same as “laid-back” — it means “relaxed”
  18. Efficiency – Jacky and Joseph are one of the most efficient employees in the IT industry.
  19. Energetic – She has a lot of energy.
  20. Enthusiastic – She shows a lot of excitement and interest in things.
  21. Generous – It is a record of ten years, this man donates a huge amount to the orphanage. He is quite a generous person.
  22. Giving – Mike likes giving things to people — it’s the same as “generous.”
  23. Gregarious – You would be knowing about Mohan as he is a gregarious person.
  24. Handsome – There were a lot of handsome men auditioned for the part in the play of Romeo and Juliet.
  25. Hardworking – Javed is a hardworking guy who is working out two jobs to make the ends meet.
  26. Helpful – Jerry is really a helpful colleague. He helps every new employee to get the induction work done quickly.
  27. Humorous – Alexa funny and entertaining.
  28. Impartial – Mr. Geller, a mathematics teacher in St. Martin’s is a very impartial person. He treats every kid equally.
  29. Intuitive – Alexa can understand what’s happening using her feelings
  30. Kind – The head of the family, Mr. Wilson is one of the kindest people. He is the one who has kept everyone emotionally attached and cares about everyone.
  31. Kooky – Alexa is a little crazy. But in a fun way.
  32. Likable – I know Heather only as a colleague but he is a very likable person.
  33. Loyal – Sherry will alwaysbe on your side.
  34. Observant – At a Hawkins Police, Jim is the only officer who is very observant in each and every case.
  35. Organized – You should have seen John’s office desk. He is the most organized person in this family.
  36. Patient – A person has to be really patient to deal with difficult situations in real life. This characteristic I could see only in Perry.
  37. Polite – Mark, being born and brought up in Karaikal, is quite a well-mannered and polite guy. It feels nice to have him around.
  38. Practical – Maya always stated about Gamit that he is very practical and expects everyone to behave in the same way.
  39. Proactive – We need proactive people like Mohan at this workplace. Unless no project would be completed on time.
  40. Protective – While in the scenario of natural calamities or disaster, men were trying to be protective of their family.
  41. quick witted – Nick is an employee who can work out all the project work quickly and intelligently. This is what makes him quick-witted.
  42. Reliable – The same as “dependable”
  43. Resourceful – Lucy is good at finding ways to solve problems.
  44. selfdisciplined – Mohit could be considered to be the most self-disciplined person.
  45. sincere – Henry is a sincere employee this company could ever get. He is the one who completes his work before time and makes sure everything is in order.
  46. straight forward – The Hawkins Police Chief – Jin Harper, is a straight-forward person.
  47. sympathetic – Garry Mathew is a very understanding and caring person. Yes, I think it would be right to say that he is very sympathetic toward others.
  48. trustworthy – You can trust her to be honest and sincere.
  49. Understanding – The same as “sympathetic” — he understands other people’s problems well.
  50. Versatile – Lucy can do different things depending on the situation.

Let’s have a look at some common words used to describe gentlemen qualities of a man which make him standout.

  1. Astute – marked by practical hardheaded intelligence
  2. Athletic – relating to or befitting athletics or athletes
  3. Attentive – taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention
  4. Healthy – exercising or showing good judgment
  5. Famous – widely known and esteemed
  6. Fantastic – extraordinarily good; used especially as intensifiers
  7. Fascinating – capable of arousing and holding the attention
  8. Attractive – pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm
  9. Endearing – lovable especially in a childlike or naïve way
  10. Energetic – working hard to promote an enterprise
  11. Champion – protect or fight for as a champion
  12. Chilled – uncomfortably cool
  13. Chivalrous – having the qualities of gallantry attributed to an ideal knight
  14. Civil – of or relating to or befitting citizens as individuals
  15. Clean – morally pure
  16. Diplomatic – skilled in dealing with sensitive matters or people
  17. Discreet – unobtrusively perceptive and sympathetic
  18. Friendly – characteristic of or befitting a friend
  19. Enough – enough to meet a purpose
  20. Enterprising – marked by aggressive ambition and energy and initiative
  21. Entertaining – agreeably diverting or amusing

Sometimes you might feel that the words are limiting but with the proper use of those words in the correct context will help you bring to good content.

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You can describe a man in hundreds of words and it will be one of the most motivating and encouraging things for him. We have helped you to find some good words which can be generally used for men. It is not necessary that the words have to be masculine to describe a man. You can always opt for some kind and soft words. Stay tuned to EnglishBix to learn words to describe personality of a person.

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