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Published: October 18, 2021, Last Updated: October 11, 2022

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Facilities management software solutions help align the physical workplace with people who perform the work. This encompasses a range of activities, from asset management to equipment maintenance to work order processing. Consequently, there are a wide range of applications available to help facility managers control day-to-day operations. The facilities management software landscape stretches wide, and vendors can choose from a number of platforms to best service their management needs.

In general, facility management software is designed to manage assets and equipment, streamline the work order processes, and reduce space and maintenance costs. Most software applications offer an automated system for managing preventative and scheduled maintenance of an organization’s facilities and assets. It gives lower-level workers tools to work efficiently and enter data about repairs, parts, and materials, and offers managers control and visibility into maintenance histories, compliance, and the condition of company property.

Facilities management software plays a role in organizing and managing duties for a variety of industries, including government offices, campuses, religious institutions, manufacturing centers, property management companies, healthcare facilities, and myriad of corporate offices. It’s versatility makes facilities management software adaptable for almost any use case, but it can also lead to feature-bloat and unnecessary complexity. Furthermore, there are multiple different subcategories, including computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), enterprise asset management (EAM), and integrated workplace management systems (IWMS). While similar in design and function, there are important distinctions between each type.

This facilities management software guide will provide tips for managers and decision-makers during the purchase process. You’ll find insights on essential features, techniques for product comparison, and use case examples. You’ll also gain a better understanding what facilities management software can offer and how to narrow your search.

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Common Features

  • Asset Management:Helps users differentiate and track physical assets. This includes managing equipment and inventory, tracking location, recurring costs, condition reports, and recording relevant data on warranties, service schedules, technical specifications, parts inventories, etc. Managers can use data to make informed decisions about upcoming orders and budgets.
  • Maintenance Management:Offers automated evaluations on preventative maintenance and scheduled maintenance for routine tasks. Preventative maintenance can help preempt equipment and facility failure by using time-based or meter-based triggers to remind you of service needs. Regulatory compliance features store data and documentation to help managers stay current with safety codes, permits, and industry rules, as well as respond to audit requests.
  • Inventory and Procurement:Ensures the upkeep of appropriate parts, tools, and materials levels, tracks specific inventory locations, and allows built-in order placement/purchasing. Some facilities management tools may need to integrate with ERP platforms or other outside systems to enable inventory tracking.
  • Administrative Management: Organize leases, real estate portfolios, purchase orders, and billing for your facility’s team. Keeps track of tenant renewals, vendor contracts, and offers comparisons on financial data and performance. Admins should also be able to standardize job and material expenses to prioritize work, reporting, and accounting.
  • Labor Resource Tracking: Stores personnel skill profiles for future job-to-skill matching and forecasting of personnel gaps. Track employee labor and human resource paperwork, and make sure certifications and documents are up-to-date. Some systems may also include time tracking and invoice processing, which is helpful if you work with outside contractors.
  • Mobile Capabilities: Cloud-based platforms offer a real-time data exchange between maintenance supervisors and are accessible from nearly any device. This allows office personnel and on-the-ground maintenance staff to stay in communication and prioritize tasks. At minimum, look for a mobile web interface, but note that native mobile apps (for Android and iOS devices) are going to work best.

Benefits of Facilities Management Software

Dashboard View of Managerial Duties

A comprehensive facilities maintenance platform works to extend the lifespan of assets, and in turn, minimize the cost for ownership. Through scheduled and preventative maintenance, this kind of software cuts down on reactive maintenance costs and inconveniences. Developing a rigid asset upkeep schedule ensures that assets perform at their peak while maintaining a smooth operational schedule and employee safety. Users can access detailed reports to determine replacement times and costs. Managers can track labor resources and determine employees most qualified for specific assignments.

Strategic Resource Planning

Facilities maintenance software platforms organize the administrative, inventory, and labor resource aspects of an organization. The streamlined connection between office administrators and service technicians minimizes miscommunication and increases efficiency between departments. User can connect specific jobs with qualified employees and track job times for future decision-making. Managers also use facilities management to determine ongoing maintenance needs and provide upkeep for existing assets.

Reduced Energy Costs

With facilities management software, organizations can empirically reevaluate their energy performance and identify areas to cut waste. Reporting dashboards offer a detailed view of energy consumption, resource allocation, and time per job to point out operational inefficiencies. This analysis demonstrates how an organization is performing and where there’s room for improvement.

Tips for Comparing Solutions

  • Determine the Right Fit: EAM solutions tend to offer deeper functionality for handling assets of any kind — whether physical machinery or IT equipment — with centralized access across an entire enterprise. CMMS systems, on the other hand, are more often limited to physical assets in a smaller network of facilities, or even a single site. That said, CMMS and EAM are not mutually exclusive; many CMMS systems even integrate with EAMs and other enterprise software, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.
  • Define Your Use Intent: For simple, single-site facilities, a basic maintenance management tool can focus on facility upkeep and one-off troubleshooting. Managers at these types of facilities prefer simple, intuitive CMMS solutions for tracking work orders and building compliance. For multi-resource management, organizations can group assets to manage all at once. For example, fleet managers (school buses and other public sector vehicles) are grouped outside of a company’s stationary equipment (factory, hardware, servers). Complex facilities (college campuses, medical institutions, industrial plants, global enterprises) can span multiple locations or consist of a campus environment with multiple buildings, work zones, and interfering variables like terrain, environmental hazards, and pedestrian thoroughfares.
  • Choose a Cloud-Based Solution: Facilities management software comes in several different deployment options, depending on the vendor. Cloud-based solutions allow users to connect to the system from any location, on mobile or desktop devices. Localized/on-premise software must be installed on your own servers, managed onsite, and typically require a large upfront expenditure.

Facilities Management Software Case Study


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Denton Rehabilitation & Nursing Center is a professional, skilled nursing care center that supports patient recovery after a hospitalization. With on-site physical, occupational, and speech therapists, the staff accommodates long and short-term recoveries. The campus stretches across wooded and scenic grounds just outside of Dallas, TX, and patients are offered varying degrees of independent living, depending on their needs.


Maintenance supervisors needed a mobile application to manage facilities and services in real-time. Workers were spread out around the campus and needed a one-platform solution for reporting work issues and avoiding multiple entries. After researching various facilities management, EAM, and CMMS solutions, the team decided on UpKeep because of its mobile-first design. The biggest hurdle was justifying costs to upper-level management, but proponents of the software conveyed UpKeep’s ability to streamline workflow, reducing costs and increasing asset uptime.


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At Denton Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, the UpKeep mobile application has expedited work orders and reduced redundancy for users, helping the maintenance department be more effective. Users emphasize the importance of the mobile application for maintenance software: “We have absolutely no issues with work orders being lost now,” Ryan C. from Denton said. “We also have a more structured process, because of the app . . . and we don’t have multiple entries for the same issue.”


UpKeep maintains communication between maintenance crews that work at different sites. The system has allowed for more time working in the field, and less time updating information or traveling between site/office and back. Ryan said, “Our facility has used the Upkeep App for about nine months now. It has been a great asset for us. The app has greatly improved our maintenance process, from reporting issues all the way down to completed work orders. We see a much better turnaround time from issues reported to work completed.”

Other Leading Vendors

  • vx Maintain
  • COGEP (CMMS software)
  • Maintenance Connection
  • Infor EAM Enterprise

Choosing the Best Facilities Management Software

Use the Product Selection Tool above to compare dozens facilities management software options based on your unique requirements. Build a shortlist of 3-5 final contenders, and try to run a demo or free trial of each. Does the interface make sense? Do the workflows match your own? Does the vendor provide accessible customer support for issues?

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When you’re ready, take your final recommendations to the appropriate decision-maker, and choose a vendor that fits your budget. Still have questions? Call one of our unbiased Technology Advisors for a free consultation.


What is the difference between CAFM and CMMS? ›

CAFM software helps facilities managers automate various aspects of facility management, including real estate usage. CMMS, on the other hand, is usually part of a CAFM package and its capabilities go much deeper into managing maintenance operations.

How much does a CAFM system cost? ›

CAFM Explorer pricing

CAFM Explorer does not have a free version. CAFM Explorer paid version starts at US$2,000.00/one-time.

Is SAP a CAFM system? ›

A CAFM system is a software solution, that entirely covers the real estate business processes. Most of these business processes have to be processed in the ERP system (Enterprise Ressource Planning) of the organisation at the same time. In the ERP field SAP is the most prevalent system.

Which software is used in BMS? ›

Optergy Building Management System (BMS), is software that allows users to monitor and control equipment within a building. With an efficient BMS, you can easily achieve a high level of comfort for all building users. It will also assist in reducing operational costs, such as labor and energy expenditures.

What is CAFM in HVAC? ›

CAFM software has the ability to connect to HVAC units, lighting, lock systems, and other equipment in your buildings. These features let facility managers turn equipment on and off without necessarily being present. Most CAFM systems monitor your meter readings too and alert you when an equipment needs supervision.

Does Microsoft have a CMMS? ›

Trackplan is a cloud-based computer-aided facility management (CAFM) and maintenance management (CMMS) solution designed for businesses of all sizes.

Which of the following CMMS is most popular? ›

We picked our favorites:
  • Limble CMMS. We rated Limble CMMS as the #1 CMMS software. ...
  • Hippo CMMS. Hippo is a simple and easy-to-use CMMS, providing web-based software for asset maintenance, work order management, and more. ...
  • MaintainX. ...
  • Asset Panda. ...
  • eMaint CMMS Software. ...
  • Fracttal. ...
  • UpKeep.

Is SAP a CMMS system? ›

SAP Plant Maintenance is a CMMS Software that performs maintenance management by conducting three key activities: Inspection: Includes all measures which establish the actual condition of a technical system. Preventive maintenance: Includes all measures which maintain the ideal condition of a technical system.

Is certified facility manager worth it? ›

A reputable facility manager certificate is a solid investment that will help you get noticed and attest to your knowledge and skills in the industry. Certification can be a stepping stone for technical maintenance professionals to enter management roles.

What are the key features of CAFM software? ›

Key features of CAFM software
  • Space planning & management. ...
  • Leasing and real estate management. ...
  • Capital project management. ...
  • Asset management. ...
  • Energy performance analysis. ...
  • Maintenance management. ...
  • Physical building administration. ...
  • Space reservations.

Why was SAP a failure? ›

1) Lack of a strategic plan.

Launching a project without involving key stakeholders. Failure to consider costs or set budgetary parameters. Minimizing the complexity of developing software.

Do banks use SAP? ›

Finance and risk software from SAP can help banks stay compliant and reduce risk while managing financial performance to control costs. By leveraging data and advanced analytics, banks can gain greater financial insight and control through a faster, compliant financial close.

Do hotels use SAP? ›

Analysis and access to client data can be utilized by the company to understand its customers' practices to escalate their profits. Hotels can utilize SAP software solutions to monitor inventory and inventory shortages with alerts and multiple other features.

How many types of BMS systems are there? ›

There are 2 types of BMS

Monitoring and targeting systems - designed to monitor energy use and target areas for improvement. Continuous commissioning systems - adjust your heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and other systems continuously to meet demand.

What is BMS platform? ›

Building management system (BMS) also known as building automation system (BAS) refers to a computer-based control system that needs to be installed within buildings to monitor and regulate the building's electrical and mechanical equipment such as power system, lighting, and ventilation to confirm sustainability [46– ...

What is BMS in Siemens? ›

Digitalization means buildings are becoming more and more connected and the importance of having all building data in sight is constantly increasing.

What does FTU mean HVAC? ›

What is FTU? Fan Terminal Units (FTUs) provide Variable Air Volume (VAV) air displacement in underfloor air distribution systems. Modular Fan Powered VAV Box is designed to integrate into or below raised access floor panels and force air circulation through the system.

What are the three types of distribution for HVAC systems? ›

Split, hybrid heat split, and ductless mini-split heating are three of the most common types of HVAC systems to choose from for your Homewood, Alabama, home.

Is Excel a CMMS? ›

Among the many possible uses of Microsoft Excel is the building of a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). Although Excel was not designed specifically for this purpose, many companies have long used it, or still use it, to manage their maintenance, rather than using purpose-built, dedicated software.

Why do CMMS fail? ›

Lack of Support after Purchase

The biggest reason why CMMS implementations fail is the lack of vendor support maintenance teams receive after the software is purchased. Some CMMS vendors work with the customer up until purchase, then offer little-to-no installation assistance or ongoing support.

What is the difference between ERP and CMMS? ›

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software tool that manages all operations and functions of organization digitally without human intervention. CMMS only focuses on Maintenance. ERP mainly focuses on all aspects of organization. CMMS does not manage and improve all processes of organization.

Which software is best for system maintenance? ›

25 Best Maintenance Management Software Platforms
  • eWorkOrders CMMS.
  • FaciliWorks CMMS.
  • Fiix CMMS.
  • FTMaintenance.
  • Hippo CMMS.
  • Limble CMMS.
11 Nov 2022

What does a good CMMS look like? ›

A great CMMS should be able to: Track and manage your vendors' contact information, past work, and invoices. Know which assets your vendors take care of and which vendors you purchase spare parts from. Give limited access to a vendor so they can complete only the work assigned specifically to them.

What is the most unique and powerful feature of CMMS? ›

With a CMMS system, teams can easily record and organize asset data, plan preventive maintenance tasks, create work orders, and generate reports. Modern systems even operate on multiple platforms, from desktop PCs to handheld tablets and smartphones, making them a powerful way to streamline maintenance processes.

Is SAP better than IBM? ›

SAP scored higher in 9 areas: Overall Rating, Culture & Values, Diversity & Inclusion, Work-life balance, Senior Management, Compensation & Benefits, Career Opportunities, Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook. SAP employees rated their Recommend to a friend 7% higher than IBM employees rated theirs.

Is Maximo the same as SAP? ›

IBM Maximo is a comprehensive management solution, while SAP is more an analytics software. Maximo has features such as procurement/materials management, work management and contract management, which help you take control of your parts inventory, vendor contracts and work orders.

What is the difference between CMMS and SAP? ›

CMMS allows the operators and maintenance team to record easily all kind of maintenance information (breakdown/reactive, corrective, preventive, upgrades) and to track the history and costs to maintain the asset. SAP PM provides work order management functionality.

What are the three P's in facility management? ›

The three P's of facility management are People, Process, and Place.

What are the 4 strategies in facility planning? ›


Many organizations follow a balanced scorecard of 4 key measurements: financial performance, customer knowledge; internal business processes; and learning and growth. The strategic plan focuses on the longer-term, big-picture needs, and vision of the organization.

Is facility management in demand? ›

Facility management experts are in great demand. Companies specializing in maintenance or facility management are constantly hiring skilled facility managers. Various public and private companies also need facility managers for their maintenance or facility management departments.

How difficult is the CFM exam? ›

The exam is administered by the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA), and it's demanding. Test-takers must answer 180 questions in just four hours, on topics covering everything from financial risk management to real estate strategies to health and safety issues.

Is FM a good career? ›

The pay is very good within most companies, and it's a career route that won't be replaced anytime soon by technology. If you feel you've outgrown your current industry, you might find you can transfer jobs but stay within the same industry.

How do I get CFM certified? ›

Three easy steps to apply for your Certified Facility Manager credential
  1. Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility. Work Experience. Education. Ethics Training. ...
  2. Step 2: Prepare for the Exam.
  3. Step 3: Apply and Take the Exam. Application & Payment. Complete your CFM Application in the CAMP platform.

What is FMS in facility management? ›

A facility management system (FMS) is an overarching system of a smart building that brings together some of the operational management functions of the facility and the building technology systems.

What is the difference between IWMS and CAFM? ›

A simple way of distinguishing IWMS from CAFM is to look at it from an actionable approach. CAFM offers primarily administrative tools; IWMS offers deployable resources.

What is CAFM database? ›

Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) is a growing area of information technology that allows business owners and their businesses to move essential logistical tasks into the digital space through business continuity and facility management software.

What is replacing SAP? ›

NetSuite is a strong competitor of SAP which helps you run your key back-office operations. NetSuite ERP helps organizations to accelerate growth and drive innovation. Their solutions are tailored for businesses of any size, any industry, suitable for employees in different roles.

Is there a future for SAP? ›

The future for sap consultants is bright. There are many opportunities for career growth and advancement in this field. Sap consultants can work in a variety of roles, and can progress to senior positions with experience.

Is SAP getting obsolete? ›

Enterprise and software giant SAP has set a 2025 deadline after which its systems will be built to run on just one single database – SAP's HANA. If you use SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and you're not using SAP S/4HANA, you're on a deadline.

Does Netflix use SAP? ›

Netflix's success is also mainly attributed to their usage of Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP) software.

Is Coca Cola using SAP? ›

Business strategies transformed into quantifiable outcomes

SAP SuccessFactors' powerful analytics increased Coca-Cola BIG's compliance on Performance Objectives setting with real-time insights for HR Reports including the creation of charts, dashboards, and query-based reports.

Which country uses SAP the most? ›

SAP is the largest non-American software company by revenue, the world's third-largest publicly traded software company by revenue, and the second largest German company by market capitalization.
Logo since 2011
TypePublic (societas Europaea)
16 more rows

Does McDonald's use SAP? ›

McDonald's chose to implement SAP HCM. An initial seven-month project period was extended to nine months in order to accommodate the need for McDonald's HR employees to do their usual work in addition to assisting with the migration of data into the new system and attending training sessions.

Does Apple use SAP? ›

Apple uses SAP software for their App Store, iTunes, online store, and other online store services. They also use different SAP systems for their finance department and Human resources.

Can SAP be hacked? ›

The consequences of an SAP systems hack are severe, and include financial, operational, legal, and reputational repercussions. Ideally, the strength of your SAP cybersecurity is such that it will prevent a hack from ever taking place. If it DOES happen, however, there are ways to help mitigate the damage.

What is the best field management software? ›

The 8 Best Field Service Management Software to Consider:
  • Salesforce – Best for most.
  • Jobber – Best for small business.
  • Housecall Pro – Best all-in-one customer experience management software.
  • FieldCode – Best field service software with pay-per-event pricing.
  • PestRoutes – Best for pest control businesses of all sizes.
24 Aug 2022

What is the best compliance software? ›

Our Top Picks
  • Connecteam – Best all-in-one compliance management software for monitoring your employees' compliance throughout all their daily tasks.
  • SiteDocs – Best for managing safety compliance.
  • Qualtrax – Best for companies in heavily regulated industries.
22 Oct 2022

Which of the following CMMS is the most popular of all? ›

MaintainX is our top overall recommendation for CMMS software. The solution makes it easy for businesses to maintain facilities, equipment, safety standards, and communication within the maintenance department.

Which is the best HCM software? ›

Top 10 HRMS & HCM Software
  • Paycom.
  • Rippling.
  • BambooHR.
  • UKG Pro.
  • Workday HCM.
  • UKG Workforce Central.
  • isolved.
  • Ceridian Dayforce.

What software do service companies use? ›

  • Zuper. Zuper is a suite of productivity software tools for field service businesses and teams to boost operational efficiency, lead generation, and customer experience. ...
  • Jobber. ...
  • Service Fusion. ...
  • Housecall Pro. ...
  • ServiceTitan. ...
  • Striven. ...
  • MobiWork. ...
  • FieldEdge.

Who uses TMS systems? ›

Transportation management systems are primarily used by businesses that need to ship, move, and receive goods on a regular basis, including:
  • Manufacturers.
  • Distributors.
  • Ecommerce companies.
  • Retail businesses.

Is CMMS the same as SAP? ›

SAP Plant Maintenance is a CMMS Software that performs maintenance management by conducting three key activities: Inspection: Includes all measures which establish the actual condition of a technical system. Preventive maintenance: Includes all measures which maintain the ideal condition of a technical system.

Does Microsoft have a GRC tool? ›

The IT GRC Process Management Pack for System Center Service Manager—combined with the IT Compliance Management Series—helps customers understand and bind complex business objectives to their Microsoft infrastructure in an operationally efficient manner.

What is T4 software? ›

T4 Software is a true dental enterprise system that gives you the ability to manage your entire workflow - from the patient's initial care to payment and follow up. Learn more.

What is IBC software? ›

IBC-PRO® a cloud based software, designed to aid Insolvency Professional of India in planning, executing, monitoring and reporting assignments under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (as amended)


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