Commercial Director Resume Example + Work History (2023)

Commercial Directors are responsible for implementing a company’s commercial strategies. Essential responsibilities seen on a Commercial Director resume are supporting company goals, finding ways to accelerate growth, conducting market research, maintaining client relationships, collaborating with other departments, maintaining partnerships with key stakeholders, and making sure financial targets are attained. Our collection of resume samples highlights skills such as leadership, business acumen, commercial awareness, networking, strong communication and interpersonal abilities, and analytical thinking. A degree in business administration is usually required.

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Commercial Director Resume Example + Work History (3)

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Commercial Director Resume Example + Work History (4)

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Commercial Director Resume Example + Work History (5)

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Commercial Director Resume Samples


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Chemical Engineering

Commercial Director - Producer Services Business

Responsible for commercial and technical management of the contract manufacturing business providing additive masterbatch and compounding services to the North American polyolefin producers.

  • Key Account Manager, directly responsible for $40M annual revenue.
  • Provided day to day technical/engineering support to operations including complaint resolution, contract negotiation and compliance, quality control, and management of change.
  • Product Line Profitability Management and Pricing Authority for all customers, improving gross margin per pound each year for all product gradelines.
  • Managed Customer Service operations, serving both Producer and Converter segments.
  • Served as interim General Manager (2013-2105) with P & L and operations responsibility for Bayshore Industrial LP, a division of [company name]., $100M annual revenue, compounding facility including 7 compounding lines and over 120 employees.

Commercial Director

Converted a Chilean artisan nuts & fruits line into an industrial operation dominating the Puerto Rico healthy snacks market in 18 months with 65% market share and high impact distribution in stores accounting for 80% of the market all commodity volume.

  • Led the full development of retail single-serve flex-bags, canisters and fundraising lines for a Chilean operation previously focused only on farming nuts for bulk distribution.
  • Developed marketing, merchandising, distribution and back-office systems to facilitate the agile penetration of alternative channels and gain distribution dominance in 12 months. Designed manufacturing set-ups and quality systems to cook, season and pack 40 sku’s complying with local & US Federal Regulations.
  • Recruited to join [company name] for a two years start-up contract in exchange for 25% ownership of the company.

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Business Administration


Full commercial P&L responsibility of the Beverage Division at the leading distribution company in Puerto Rico of premium & luxury beverage brands; Heineken, Johnnie Walker, Grey Goose, Stolichnaya, San Pellegrino, Aqua Pann, Seguras Viuda and Veuve Clicquot amongst other market leading brands.

  • Responsible for delivering sales growth over a $140MM multi-category business in a multi-channel environment, securing a profitable and efficient business execution by leading, inspiring & maximizing the potential of over +100 professionals across four multi-functional teams responsible for Commercial & Customer Planning, Key Accounts Management, Field Sales, Customer Service.
  • Led the initiation and implementation of an organizational transformation of the commercial department, focusing on three pillars; structure, people & processes.
  • Led route-to-market restructure resulting in improved portfolio mix penetration & distribution, improved sales & shopper programs execution and effectiveness by the creation of Channel Focus Business Units.
  • Transformed the compensation model across all sales business units, in line to support commercial strategy and portfolio distribution and development.
  • Implemented personnel evaluation approach that guaranteed output & execution KPIs are part of the compensation system focused on sales coverage, categories distribution, visit effectiveness & collections effectiveness.
  • Lead the development and implementation of a digital tool that provides instant reference of commercial execution guidelines at point of sale & simultaneously measure compliance of execution against plans.
  • Delivered a +15% trend turn around, from -11% to +4% growth in NSV and +5.2% in bottom line contribution after business 8 yr.

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Commercial Director

Responsible for drafting and leading negotiation of major EPC Contracts in the power and oil and gas sectors for a leading international EPC Contractor, with contract values up to $6 billion

  • Volume of EPC Contracts signed by company quadrupled during first year in the position; "win rate" on bids increased dramatically
  • Supervised staff of contract administrators responsible for dealing with all company's major contracts
  • Combined role as legal counselor and draftsman with that of business advisor in overall risk management role
  • Responsible for other major contracts in connection with EPC Projects, including major purchase agreements with key plant equipment suppliers, joint venture and consortium agreements with partners, license agreements, etc.
  • Interface with all corporate groups including engineer, operations, estimating, tax, finance, insurance, human resources, safety and environmental

Market Research and Commercial Director

  • Identified key commercial revenue activities existing in the land and air side of the terminal and prepared concession solicitations for appraisal and award
  • Tendered outsourcing market opportunities, negotiated and prepared contract agreement based on technical evaluation
  • Followed-up with concessioners to ensure compliance with lease agreement and contractual terms and conditions
  • Assigned work to each employee and evaluated employee performance; reviewed program quality on a periodic basis and took corrective actions, when necessary
  • Participated in international airport shows and marketing field trips to 12 regional airports of the enterprise; developed presentations on the improvement of customer satisfaction to the airport internal and external stakeholders
  • Established marketing goals, objectives, budget requirements and performance assessment.
  • Developed administration policies and procedures for commercial revenue resources

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Business Administration


  • Oversee all business development and commercial activities for the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America
  • Foster and maintain client relationships through business meetings with maritime clients and governmental bodies
  • Conduct cost control, logistics, case settlement, contract negotiation, and financial reporting for intl. projects
  • Create winning bids from RFPs, oversee pricing, tax research, legal qualifications, negotiations, and presentation
  • Brought $50M in revenue, making Americas the highest grossing region of the entire company
  • Lead a team of 5 to achieve 60% of companywide global target market share

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Marine Engineering


International Business / Finance

Commercial Director

  • Commercial responsibility for 25 dry bulk and liquid terminals in the Eastern Region of the United States
  • Responsible for directing all Marketing, Business Development and Contracting efforts
  • Manage a team of 12 personnel - 8 Commercial Managers and 4 support staff
  • Implement strategy for market growth and increase revenue
  • Evaluate and allocate asset base for optimal economic performance
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Commercial Director Resume Example + Work History (16)

Commercial Director Duties and Responsibilities

Commercial directors look at the big picture when it comes to a company's sales. While their role may vary based on their industry and the size of their organization, these are some of the key tasks they share:

Manage Employees As a senior manager, commercial directors typically oversee a team of fellow sales professionals. They may assign specific clients or duties to the account executives who work underneath them, in addition to setting sales goals for the entire team. They also keep their employees on a path toward long-term goals and boost morale, in addition to fostering talent and encouraging employee retention.

Develop Leads Commercial directors focus on growing the company's sales and customer base, and lead generation plays a key role in this strategy. They identify individuals and organizations likely to purchase goods or services from the company, then create a plan to secure their business.

Prepare Marketing Materials Part of boosting a company's business is getting word out to attract potential customers. Commercial directors contribute to this by creating promotional and marketing materials to give to current and potential clients.

Anticipate and Plan for Problems In their role as the company's key person for sales growth, commercial directors use their extensive experience and knowledge to identify potential legal, financial, or sales issues. At some companies they lead negotiations and conduct legal and financial research prior to meeting with clients. They also look for obstacles that could inhibit company earnings, then devise a plan to prevent problems.

Commercial Director Resume Example + Work History (17)

Commercial Director Skills and Qualifications

Commercial directors combine analysis and measurement with creativity and the ability to adapt to changes that affect their company's revenue and client base. Employers look for candidates with in-depth business knowledge and the following talents:

  • Management experience - commercial directors develop an overall marketing strategy and then assign specific tasks to members of their team. Employers look for candidates with proven experience overseeing large teams
  • Legal knowledge - when working with new or potential clients, it's important to ensure that contracts are legal and that they protect both the company and the customer. Commercial directors perform legal research before and during the negotiation process
  • Marketing - to draw in more clients, commercial directors craft promotional materials that attract the attention of the company's target customer and encourage prospects to purchase from them
  • Goal setting - they also keep the team and the company on track, and must constantly set goals to maximize revenue, creating strategies for these goals and adjusting as necessary
  • Negotiation - commercial directors lead the effort to secure new clients. They draw on their persuasiveness and ability to establish rapport with the client to negotiate fees and contracts that benefit the organization and make the customer happy

Commercial Director Resume Example + Work History (18)

Commercial Director Education and Training

Commercial directors need at least a bachelor's degree, preferably in a business-related field, although some employers will accept other majors. An advanced degree such as a Master of Business Administration can boost employment prospects. This is not an entry-level position, so candidates need at least two to five years of experience in functions like sales and account management, and possibly as a supervisor or team leader.

Commercial Director Resume Example + Work History (19)

Commercial Director Salary and Outlook

Commercial directors, categorized as sales managers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), earn a median annual salary of $121,060. The top 10 percent of commercial directors earn an annual salary of more than $208,000, and the bottom 10 percent make less than $57,590 a year. The BLS expects employment opportunities for sales managers to increase 7 percent through 2026, which is a similar rate of growth as the average for all other professions. Demand for these upper-level professionals will vary based on how strong the overall growth rate is in their specific industry.

Commercial Director Resume Example + Work History (20)

Helpful Resources

We've scoured the internet to find the most comprehensive and authoritative resources for enhancing your career as a commercial director. Whether you're new to the role or looking to boost your skills, you'll find guides and educational materials to take your career to the next level:

Sales Management Association - this international association is designed for sales professionals in all industries and offers everything from networking opportunities to professional development

National Association of Sales Professionals - this industry association for sales professionals offers training, online articles, and certification as a sales professional

The Commercial Manager: The Complete Handbook for Commercial Directors and Managers - designed for commercial managers and commercial directors, this book covers everything from contract negotiation to risk management. Both new and veteran commercial directors can learn how to more successfully manage their projects and work more effectively with clients

Sales Management. Simplified. The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team - commercial directors lead a sales team and provide coaching and goal setting for their group. This book teaches sales managers how to use their own behavior to prompt the behavior they want from their team

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