Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (2023)

Suzuki Bike Insurance

When you hear the name Suzuki, it instantly brings to mind the image of Maruti Suzuki cars. But Suzuki is also a major player in the Indian two-wheeler market. Suzuki has had a two part journey in the Indian market, first entering as a joint partner with a Indian two-wheeler company, then making a comeback as a solo player, and it is in these second innings that it has managed to stay consistent in its performance and this Japanese company has never looked behind ever since then.

Suzuki offers affordable options such as Suzuki Access, Suzuki Burgman Street as well as the sporty bikes such as Suzuki Gixxer, Suzuki Hayabusa to name some. Make sure that you also buy a Suzuki two-wheeler insurance that will provide you sufficient coverage in the event of any accident. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 has made it mandatory for everyone to have at least a basic third-party bike insurance which would allow them to ride on Indian roads. And at IFFCO-Tokio, you will be able to buy yourself the best policy possible.

When planning to buy a bike insurance, you can go for the basic third-party Suzuki two-wheeler insurance which provides general coverage, or you can go for the comprehensive Suzuki two-wheeler insurance which provides additional coverage with extra features. IFFCO-Tokio will help you in choosing the best Suzuki two-wheeler insurance as per your requirement.

Why Do You Need Bike Insurance For Suzuki?

Suzuki may have had the chance to perform better in its second innings, but as a rider, accident are an inevitable part of it and you may not have a second inning at all if you aren’t better prepared. And the major part of that preparation is to get yourself a Suzuki two-wheeler insurance from IFFCO-Tokio.

The basic third-party Suzuki bike insurance plan offers you financial coverage for all your legal and financial liabilities for the damages faced by the third-party in case of an accident, if you decide to go with that one.

The comprehensive Suzuki bike insurance plan will provide financial coverage to you as well as the third-party for any loss/damage that might occur due to any natural/manmade calamity, thus offering you ample financial protection.

How To Buy Suzuki Bike Insurance?

You can buy Suzuki insurance by going to any of the IFFCO-Tokio branch and buying the policy in person. Similarly, you can visit the IFFCO-Tokio website and look for the Suzuki insurance there. You can buy your Suzuki two-wheeler insurance plan from the website with ease.

The following are the two ways of buying your Suzuki two-wheeler insurance plan from IFFCO-Tokio:

You can go to a local IFFCO-Tokio office and ask to buy Suzuki insurance, and you will be given the best assistance in buying the policy.

You can also visit the IFFCO-Tokio website and buy Suzuki insurance from there in 3 simple steps-

1 Go to the IFFCO-Tokio website

Once on the website, first log-in, fill your contact details, then bike details like its model and registration number, after which you can the details of all the Suzuki insurance plans.

2 Select the features you want

When you select the comprehensive Suzuki bike insurance plan, you will get the option to add extra features and add-ons to it.

3 Finalize the payment

After selecting the Suzuki insurance and adding all the features, you can then proceed to pay for it. Once the payment is done, you will receive your Suzuki bike insurance plan via mail.

Why Buy Suzuki Bike Insurance Online?

The benefits of buying your Suzuki bike insurance plan online are:

1 Easy process

Buying the policy online takes happens in a few clicks and doesn’t require you to go out at all.

2 As per your convenience

You can buy your Suzuki insurance any time of the day you what without any problems.

3 No paper trails

As you will be using soft copies of the documents, you will be saving money and paper by not having make physical copies of the documents.

Suzuki Bike Insurance – What Does It Cover?

This would depend on whether you go for a third-party Suzuki insurance policy or a comprehensive insurance policy.

Coverage under a third-party bike insurance policy

  • Bodily injury or death of the third-party
  • Property damage of the third-party
  • Accidental death of the owner/driver of the insured vehicle (If personal accident component is included in the policy)
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Coverage under a comprehensive bike insurance policy

A comprehensive Suzuki insurance policy is considered to be the ideal choice for any policyholder. This is because this type of policy covers the third-party and also the policyholder. Here’s what the policy covers:

  • Loss and damage caused by manmade activities like burglary, theft, riots, and so on
  • Loss of your bike caused by natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and so on
  • Personal injuries
  • Third-party losses

Need More Cover? Choose From A Range Of Add-Ons.

Widen the coverage of your Suzuki bike insurance policy with our range of add-ons.

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (1) Zero-depreciation cover

Zero-depreciation cover pays the entire claim amount without deducting depreciation value at the time of settling the claim.

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (2) No claim bonus protection

This add-on keeps your no claim bonus safe even if you made a claim in the previous year.

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (3) Return to invoice

If your vehicle is deemed a total loss, the add-on cover helps you get the original invoice price of the vehicle, including road tax and registration charges.

Suzuki Bike Insurance – What Is Not Covered?

These are some of the standard exclusions of a bike insurance policy in India:

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (4) Damage to accessories

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (5) Damage due to the driver’s negligence

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (6) Wear and tear of the bike

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (7) Damage during war and similar conditions

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (8) Mechanical or electrical breakdown

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (9) Damages while riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Our Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

Types of bike insurance we provide:

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (10)

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Third-party insurance

Third-party insurance only covers any damage to a third party, including death, bodily harm, injury, and damage to a property in case of an accident or collision involving your bike.

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (11)

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive bike insurance covers both third-party liabilities as well as own-damage to your bike. It also covers both natural and man-made calamities. These plans also allow you to include add-ons for a wider coverage!

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (12)

Comprehensive insurance with zero-depreciation cover

You can also include the zero-depreciation cover to your comprehensive Suzuki two-wheeler insurance policy. This will ensure that in case of an accident, you get complete reimbursement for part replacements without any deduction for depreciation. Great, isn’t it?

Bike Insurance Terms You Should Know

You should be aware of the following bike insurance terms before you buy the Suzuki two-wheeler insurance policy.

1 Premium

Premium is the cost of your insurance plan which you pay to enjoy bike insurance coverage. It is usually payable annually, except for long-term plans, where it is usually paid once every 3 years.

2 Coverage

The financial protection provided by your insurance policy is known as coverage. The coverage of a bike insurance policy will vary based on the insurance provider and the type of plan you purchase.

3 Add-ons

Add-ons are extra amounts of financial protection that you can purchase to widen the coverage of your Suzuki bike insurance policy.


IDV stands for Insured Declared Value. It is the listing price of your bike minus depreciation. In case of a total loss or theft of your bike, IDV is the maximum compensation your insurance provider will offer.

5 No Claim Bonus

NCB is a discount you get when you renew your plan after a claim-free year. This discount will keep increasing for every claim-free year. You can avail a maximum discount of 50% every year.

How To Calculate Bike Insurance Premium?

It’s simple! Just use our bike insurance premium calculator. This online tool allows you to check the premium of your Suzuki two-wheeler insurance policy using some very basic information. To calculate the premium, you must provide the following details:

  • Bike manufacturer’s name
  • Model number
  • Manufacturing year
  • Fuel type
  • IDV
  • Policyholder’s details – name, residence address, & age

Why Choose IFFCO-Tokio?

Our bike and scooter insurance plans are like an extension of your protective gear. They keep you safe, wherever the road might take you! From the headlight to the tail-lamp, we’ve got you covered!

We use innovation and technology to provide you quicker and more convenient insurance solutions. For example, your policy can be issued instantly through our distribution channels. You can also useour QCS (Quick Claim Settlement) Appto accelerate your claim process and get up to Rs.20,000transferred to your bank account within a few minutes - all with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

With close to 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, we have settled more than 8 lakh claims (in FY19) with a settlement ratio of 95.80% (in FY21). This is just one of the reasons why 1,00,000+ individuals entrust us for their bike insurance needs.

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (13) 4300+ Network Garages

We provide cashless services in more than 4300 garages, which are evenly spread across the country.

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Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (14) Quick Claim Settlement

We offer a QCS facility under which bike insurance claims get settled seamlessly within minutes.

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (15) Trusted Brand

For 20 years, we have been servicing our customers with a wide range of insurance policies.

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (16) Claims Experience

We’ve settled a total of 8.61 lakh claims in FY2019 and have a claim settlement ratio of 95.80%.

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (17) Award Winning Protection

IFFCO-Tokio won the 2019 IDC Digital Transformer Award for India for AI-based claim assessment of damaged vehicles, and the BFSI Digital Innovation Award by Express Computers, Indian Express Group.

Suzuki Bike Insurance: Buy/Renew Online at Best Prices (18) Wide Network of Branches

Our policies can be brought from more than 20,000 agents and branches having a wide presence throughout the country.

How To Make A Claim For Your Suzuki Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

Through our QCS app:

If you wish to make a claim for compensation, you can do so using our QCS (Quick Claim Settlement) app. All you have to do is upload related documents, photos, and videos of the damages you want to make a claim for. We will review the documents and other details uploaded by you and approve your claim (we have a claim settlement ratio of 95.80%). After this, the estimated amount for repairs will be sent to your bank account within minutes. Please note, for claims made through an application, the maximum claim amount will be Rs. 20,000.

Online/telephonic claims:

You can register a claim for compensation online or by reaching us on 1800-103-5499. To make a claim online, you will have to log in with your registered Email ID and Password. When you log in, go to ‘make a claim’ option and follow the steps mentioned. If you register a claim over a call, our customer care executives will guide you with further procedure.

Customer Reviews

Two-Wheeler Insurance

I compared numerous insurance companies and found IFFCO-Tokio to be the best!

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Customer Reviews

Two-Wheeler Insurance

IFFCO-Tokio has so many network garages so taking my bike insurance plan from them was a smart decision.

Rated by: Anjan Bhawalkar

Customer Reviews

Two-Wheeler Insurance

The add-ons on my IFFCO-Tokio comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan are great.

Rated by: Deepak Parikh

Customer Reviews

Two-Wheeler Insurance

I got my Honda Hornet insured by IFFCO-Tokio and I am very happy with my decision.

Rated by: Rohit Mehta

Customer Reviews

Two-Wheeler Insurance

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The best garage network for its customers only from IFFCO Tokio.

Rated by: Rajesh Dabaas

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