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The work world is changing and companies with a robust digital work environment perform better. According to the UK’s Office for National Statistics, 49.2% of adults in employment were working from home, due to the social distancing measures introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s likely that the dramatic rise in remote work will permanently affect workers who wish to work from home. Let’s find out who is hiring now and the best remote companies to work for!

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  • How can remote companies build a strong culture?
  • Is working from home more productive?
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Companies with Remote Work

Companies are hiring remote workers left right and centre. Whether you want to work fully report or part-time remote, I’m sure you can find the perfect option. Here are some of the best companies for flexible working, many of which will be familiar. If you want to explore more companies and other options, you can also check out Indeed or Flexjobs for more postings.


This well-established telecommunications company is hiring flexible workers now. It would make sense since Vodafone’s technology is frequently used to help empower remote working, right? Currently, Vodafone has several different open job positions available such as personal assistant, marketing campaign specialist and data analytics specialist, to name a few. Take a browse through to find a job that fits your skillset perfectly.


Unilever is a British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company, headquartered in London. They are currently embracing an agile work environment in order for all their employees to work safely whilst adapting to digital work practices. This means workers are able to work from home and on-site, with more flexible hours. The company has several open job positions based around different parts of the UK, available to view here.

Transport for London

Transport for London is a local government body responsible for the transport system in Greater London, England. This includes buses, tubes, trams, London Overground trains and also the London bike scheme. TFL has been formally recognised for excellent remote work-life balance and flexibility. Yearly Salary varies for different job positions which you can view here, ranging from around £27,000 for an Administrative support role to £55,000 for a financial controller role.

Thomson Reuters

A mass media and business information company, allowing work from home on occasion. Employees’ comments the company provides you with the flexibility to structure your work in ways you can reach high expectations and performance. Job positions are available mainly in the London area and the company is accepting different levels of experience, such as recent graduate jobs and also internship programs.


Apple, another tech company you won’t need a description for, is offering lots of flexibility with work-from-home. The main virtual work position at Apple available in the UK is a Home Advisor, part of the Apple Support team. If you enjoy talking on the phone and offering customer and technical support then this could be a good option for you. If customer service isn’t really your cup of tea, job opportunities are always coming up so keep an eye on their website.


A large mobile communications company that provides fixed and mobile telephony, broadband and subscription television. The company has facilitated working from home since the Pandemic restrictions by taking advantage of its digital capabilities and tools, which are its best ally. There are several open job positions across the UK but also, as it’s an international company, there are positions available for different languages too.


As you’re probably already aware, Amazon is a multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. For certain job positions, Amazon has virtual and work-from-home positions available to qualified individuals. This means if you are located far from an Amazon store or don’t feel comfortable returning to the site yet due to Covid and health concerns, you’re in the right place. If you want to make money online, Amazon is always hiring new workers and offering a broad range of positions, so it’s likely there will be one to suit your expertise. Take a look here for job positions available in virtual locations.

Rank Group

Gaming-focussed leisure and entertainment group known for its flexible shift patterns. This is great for part-time work, with the option to work remotely. Employees comment they are able to change their schedule regularly depending on other commitments. This is great to ease work-life, especially during a tricky time, helping you to stay motivated at work. You can check out the open job positions here and the different salaries for each role.


This company is a social media management platform for enterprises. Sprinklr offers great flexible work opportunities, including unlimited holidays and personal days off. There is also the option to work from home or in different work locations. The company is strongly recognised for its genuine and family-like work culture. Check out the Sprinklr website for more info.


Clevertech uses digital innovation to solve real-world challenges. The company is offering a whole variety of remote tech job opportunities so you can build your career from anywhere in the world. Your work schedule is totally in your control and the company offers full flexibility as long as it’s approved by the manager.

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How Can Remote Companies Build a Strong Culture?

Company culture is all about how the business operates as one unit, not individually. Even with remote work when employees are working from different locations and will not always be together, combining the company’s unique values and operating as one is key to forming a robust culture. So what is the main ingredient to doing so whilst working from home?

Communication, communication and more communication! Regular check-ins between managers and employees are so important. One-to-one meetings should be scheduled every week, as well as team meetings. This gives employees the opportunity to bring up any problems with tasks or ask specific questions. Also, it’s important managers or HR managers offer their employees emotional support to make sure employee well-being is taken care of especially as remote work is likely to entail less social interaction. Staying connected is key and reaps several benefits such as increased productivity, motivation and employee engagement.

Is Working From Home for Remote Companies More Productive?

We’ve had a look at remote companies hiring teleworkers currently. It’s now up to you and it’s fully down to personal individual preference. There are some things you should definitely consider before deciding whether to work remotely full-time in the future. There are many benefits associated with working from home but if you are an extrovert or your company depends fully on teamwork, maybe interacting in person is better suited for certain job positions and personality traits.

Teleworking seems like the perfect work arrangement, especially now in the UK as we are approaching the end of summer and gloomy winter days are around the corner. Travelling to work in the rain or sitting in a cosy living room wrapped up in a blanket with a hot brew? I know which I’d rather choose. However, it is true that telework has its downfalls so it’s important to bear these in mind:

Productivity at Work

It’s true that remote work can increase productivity, however, staying motivated at home is a challenge and some may struggle. Expectations for productivity will differ so it’s really important your employer makes this clear prior to remote working schedules. Factorial offers a free HR software solution during this period of uncertainty, helping to increase productivity at home. Maybe this will be a good way to help employees track their hours and stay connected with their employer without being monitored too closely.

Lonely Worklife

Initially working from home sounds great, but socialising with people around you all the time can become exhausting on days you aren’t feeling chatty. However, now lockdown has eased and some people are choosing to go back to the office, you don’t want to miss out on social activities or general conversation at work. Also, although virtual meetings ensure you feel included and updated with company goals, activities, tasks etc, you may miss important info brought up or spoken about at the company site.

Self-Directed learning

This becomes mandatory if you work at home and are not surrounded by other office workers. A proactive approach is key to remaining productive, otherwise, you’ll probably not do a good job and get frustrated with yourself. Working from home means you’ll have to use more initiative and learn skills more independently. Of course, other workers are only a zoom call away but it’s not quite the same as being present with your team the full working day.

Visual work has become increasingly more important and it’s likely if you have a remote marketing job, it will entail explainer videos as well as written content. This means you may have to do some extra research and look up some online learning resource classes, some are free but not all. Therefore, it’s best to discuss this with your employer, maybe you could negotiate something suitable.

Factorial’s Remote Work Software

With Factorial’s free HR software, you can manage workers from several different locations using our specialised features. This means holiday requests and tracking hours worked, will be a breeze. Further, important documents are stored in one place and are automatically updated, making work-from-home life easier, and completing all your manual tasks digitally. Factorial offers many more features you can check out below:

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